Ben Tour (1978-); Retratos imaginários

Ben Tour, ilustrador canadiano, é essencialmente um retratista de personagens reais e imaginárias, formando uma espécie de diário visual com as personalidades que o impressionaram por algum motivo especial…

Ben Tour’s paintings and drawings are primarily portraits, of characters real and imagined, forming a kind of visual diary of personalities that have impressed Tour, and inspired him, even in their absence, to attempt capturing the qualities of those impressions. The images are nearly always composed of a central figure occupying an indistinct ground, with passages of pristine white space offsetting densely detailed areas, keeping the eye curious. Subtle variations in color and the unexpected transitions between them give both the figures and their surroundings a haunting, indeterminate aura and rich painterly texture. His painting lack accuracy but in a strange erie way, they all work so well in their own right.

Fonte: ZootPatrol

© Ben Tour

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