Laurent Roch; Em busca do “momento decisivo”

Laurent Roch é um dos valores em ascensão da fotografia contemporânea dita “de rua”. É uma inspiração para todos os que, tal como o próprio Laurent, procuram captar aqueles “momentos decisivos” tão bem apresentados pelo “mestre” Henri Cartier-Bresson”.

© Laurent Roch, “Checkmate”

© Laurent Roch, “Smile Façade”

© Laurent Roch “The place”

© Laurent Roch, “Parking”

© Laurent Roch, “Inquietude”

“For as long as I can remember, photography has always been an important part of my life.  Throughout the years, taking photographs has been part of who I am ; instinctive.
The emotional power, the esthetic pleasure and the visual language of a photograph have never ceased to fascinate me.

At a time when technical perfection has become so important, I prefer the simplicity in photography , that slight distortion of reality.  What I look for first and foremost is that unique, fleeting moment.  That special moment that, in an instant disappears and is lost forever.  In this “open air theatre” of everyday life, I try to capture life in its purest form.  Nothing staged, no role playing.  I go simply with the flow of what is unfolding around me.  When luck offers me just what I am looking for, when everything is just perfectly  and naturally in place, in harmony, all I need to do is act on my intuition.

The choice to work in black and white is a natural one for me: it has often been remarked that it brings an added feel of nostalgia to my work.  This is, no doubt, true, even though I don’t think of myself as someone who looks at life in a particularly nostalgic way.
There is nothing truly innovative about my approach to photography, just a constant desire to express, as strongly as possible, the spontaneity of the moment.  I try to blend in, unnoticed, to observe, to wait, to play with the natural light, to find the perfect angle and finally, to capture the ultimate “decisive moment” (l’instant décisif) so dear to Cartier-Bresson.

I am constantly looking for new places to explore, new ways of seeing the world, always with a view to satisfying my natural curiosity – a subject of never-ending inspiration.”

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Fonte/via: Eric Kim Street Photography Blog (Thanks, Kim!)